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If you are applying for more than one child, please submit the application for the first child. You can then log into your account to add another applicant. We recommend that you only create one parent account, as then you will not need to re-enter information, and you can manage all of your applications in one place.

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1. I/we hereby authorize ICSV to contact the previous school(s) which my child has attended and request character and/or behavior references as well as any confidential school records. I/we understand that withholding information or providing false information to ICSV on this or any other form may be cause for withdrawal of any placement offer or dismissal of student.

2. By applying for admission at ICSV, I/we agree to be supportive of teachers and staff in the training and education of my/our child. I/we will assume the financial obligations for my/our child’s education according to the ICSV fee structure.

3. Consent to ICSV 2018-2019 Privacy Notice with Essential Services. In compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), consent to the 2018-2019 Privacy Notice with Essential Services is required by all parents/guardians and students over 13 enrolled at ICSV. To review this policy please click the following link:

2018-2019 Privacy Notice with Essential Services

Date: Jul 21, 2018
Date: Jul 21, 2018